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12 Days of Fitness Day #9 Push Ups!!

On the ninth day of Fitness

My Coach Daphne gave to me:

20 Push Ups

15 Air squats

15 Burpees

10 Plank Jacks

10 Jump Lunges

5 Triceps pushups

5 dive-bomber pushups

2 minutes of wall squats

And one minute planking by the tree

Drop and give me twenty!!

You can do push-ups in a variety of ways and to get to 20 you may need to mix it up a bit. My only ask is that you maintain good form at all times! Please don’t try to go fast just to get it over with. I would rather you do them in small chunks (5-5-5-5) with good form than to do 20 so-so pushups. It may seem that this challenge has been heavily focused on the upper body but most of the exercises use multiple large muscle groups. I hope that you find ways to incorporate some or all of these exercises into your fitness program in the months to come.


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