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It is very interesting the memories we recall from our childhood. I remember being called “ThunderThighs”. I was a health sized little girl. I had healthy sized thighs at birth so I came by them naturally. Regardless, the pain was there. I remember having to purchase Levi jeans with a size 30 waist. My proportions improved in middle school when I joined the track team but many challenges remain. I don’t wear jeans or any other pants. Why? Trying to fit my thighs and my waist seems to be mission impossible. That’s ok, for the reasons I discussed in another blog post I much prefer to wear dresses and skirts.

So why am I reminiscing about the past? Well, today as I was doing my cardio I felt this horrible chafing on my thighs. Lo and behold I have worn a nice hole in a pair of my favorite CW-x tights ☹ I love these tights and would encourage you to try a pair if you have the opportunity. What was different today was that now, in my 50s, I am proud of my WunderThighs. They have allowed me to traverse many miles, many lands and have propelled me forward even when I felt I could not go on. These thighs have run long miles, lifted many tons and crossed many stages. I continue to learn that being a “Woman of Strength” may be reflected in many ways, including my WunderThighs. So here is to all of you reading this that also share this blessing. Embrace your body. Love the strength that carries you through the good times and the bad, and strive to be better and do better each day.

Now, I plan to do some Googling and find myself another pair of tights…..or a jar of Vaseline 😊 😊.


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