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Two Day Symposium on Lifestyle Management!!

In November 2022 we had the opportunity to host Dr. Daniel Ganu on the Perfectly Pl@nted podcast. During our conversation Dr. Ganu shared his desire to establish a center of influence related to lifestyle management and research in Ghana. As part of this work, Dr. Ganu will be hosting a virtual conference on Feb. 26 - 27, 2023 starting at 10 am EST. Dr. Ganu will be joined by several of the leaders in lifestyle medicine including:

  • Dr. Kim Williams

  • Dr. Neal Barnard

  • Dr. Baxter Montgomery

The objectives of the conference are to:

  • Increase awareness of the impact of nutrition on disease prevention and management

  • Discuss evidence-based approaches for managing and reversing lifestyle related chronic diseases

  • Share next steps in the plans to launch a lifestyle management center in Ghana

I hope that you will register for the event and join this amazing discussion. You can learn more about opportunities to support this work on the website.

Be well,



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