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Triple A Challenge Day 19

Today your goal is to deliver on a promise to yourself. Whether this means taking 5 minutes to meditate or scheduling your workouts for the next 3 months. It could mean sitting down and drafting some SMART(ER) goals to help you move forward on the path of a commitment you made to yourself. Taking time to focus on YOU may seem selfish, but a happy, healthy YOU means you have more to give to those you love.

What promises have you made to yourself and how will you make progress towards those goals?

Day #16 Triple A Challenge

40 Mountain Climbers

25 Curl to Press

30 Miniband Bicycle Crunch (15 per side)

25 Hammer Curls

20 Triceps Kickback

15 Inverted Row or Chaturanga

Attitude: Deliver on promises to yourself. Do at least one thing to make progress towards your SMART goals

Attitude: Turn off all digital devices 1 hour before bedtime

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