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Aspire to Inspire - Mindset Monday

Aspire to inspire.

When I first put this on a t-shirt (of course, with sparkles!!), it reminded me that I can have an impact through the little things I do each day. Whether it is coaching, healthy cooking demonstrations in the community or helping someone in my building, the little things do count.

Aspire to inspire.

245 days ago, I committed to a daily walk outside. I also committed to saying hello to everyone I passed at 5 or 6 am in the morning (depending on the day) there are few people out walking with me, lol! So, I started waving to the bus drivers that frequent my route. At first, they thought I was trying to hail them down. I am sure I looked like I needed a lift some mornings 😊 Over time, they started to wave back and say hello. It is such a little thing, but every time I wave to them I feel joy and I hope that I impart some joy in their day too.

Last week, I was in LA with The Vegan Gym. We had a wonderful trip that included homemade pizza, a trip to Farm Sanctuary, and an awesome day at the LA Vegan Street Fair.

Aspire to inspire.

A wonderful thing happened this morning. I waved to the two drivers who normally travel the route where I do my post-workout run walk. As I was turning the corner to head home, I heard a “toot-toot” of a horn. I turned around to make sure everything was ok, and I saw one of the drivers circling the roundabout. He stopped the bus, opened the door and I jogged over. He shared that he missed seeing me last week and was glad I was okay. I told him that I had been traveling and thanked him for his concern 😊 Then he said that one day, he was going to come walk with me. I told him I would welcome his company any day he was off work.

While I have always hoped that these little acts of kindness would impact others, it is amazing what impact a smile and a wave can have. Showing up every day makes a difference.

The little things in life matter. How are you inspiring others?

Be well,



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