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Abs, Arms, Attitude: Triple A Challenge Day 28

Thank you for joining me on this 28 day challenge. I hope you enjoyed the program as much as I did. It is always exciting to set and achieve our SMART goals. I hope you were able to set and achieve your goals for May. If not, we continue to take small steps to help you.


Today is a Rest day. Take a walk with family and/or friends (respecting personal distancing guidelines, please). Find a relaxing Yoga video on YouTube. Stretch and foam roll. Run to the farmer's market. Prep your meals for the week. Sit down and meditate for 5 minutes. Read a good book. So many things to do!!

Congratulations on completing the Triple A Challenge!!

Attitude: Review your progress over the past 30 days. What have you learned about yourself? What new habits have you formed. How has this challenge made you feel?

We've completed two challenges in two months! Kudos to all of you! If you find these challenges helpful please drop me a line and let me know. Please also feel free to share your thoughts on potential challenges for the summer and fall.



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